5 Reasons for getting personalised training based off a lactate test.

1. It takes no more effort to do the right training as the wrong training.

    • I find it so frustrating when I see runners doing the hard work and getting out for their runs but wasting time and effort by either going too hard or too easy.
    • Getting a lactate test done allows you to get the most out of the time and effort that you put into your training. Why? Well, this leads me to point number 2.

2. It makes training 100% specific to you.

    • A lactate costs about £100 but you have the results for life. Get a heart rate chest strap with this and you have all the keys to make training 100% specific for you.
    • We can help you organise a test if you fill in the form below.
    • We all have different training Heart Rates (HR). I recently analysed two athletes on the same day. Both ran at the exact same speed but had 20 beats in the difference related to their running zones. If they both used 220-your age to determine their zones or used the zones on their watch they would be miles out. This is why every elite distance runner has their zones based on lactate testing.

3. Heart Rate Training helps you deal with day-to-day fluctuations.

    • Let’s face it, we are not professional athletes (unfortunately). We all have stresses at home and work that can take a lot out of us at different times. Trying to hit specific paces or times when you are tired is a recipe for disaster.
    • This is where HR training really helps. 90% of my training is done off HR. I don’t worry about the pace at all. If I am tired my HR is up and so I’m a bit slower but I am still working 100% the right zone for me. If I am feeling good, I am faster at the same HR. Again, I am working 100% the right zone for me. Over time this allows big improvements as we don’t dig ourselves into a hole chasing times regardless of how we are feeling. 
Heart Rate Training

4. Allows you to hit all 5 training zones required for long distance running.

    • From 5k up to marathon it is important that you are hitting the 5 essential zones required in training. This is a 5 minute video on Youtube where I go into lactate training and the zones. If you get a lactate test done, I will prescribe two free weeks specific to you so you can see how to get varying types of training in your week from recovery running to VO2 max training. Follow us On Youtube

5. Lactate training and HR training allows you to peak at the right time.

    • Once you have been running regularly you won’t see big improvements in times by just doing the same type of runs every day. It is important that you have a step by step approach that allows you to feel completely right on the day and really get the results your hard work deserves.
    • With our free two weeks I will also include our Sport Pilates so you can see the type of injury prevention moves you should be doing to stay injury free when training for PBs.
What to do now?
  • If you would like to get a lactate test done. Fill in this form here and we will locate someone in your area. You will only have to ever get one lactate test done in your life (They cost about £100). But you can use the information forever. You will pay them and as a bonus for taking that step, we will give you 2 weeks free training so you can understand how to use your lactate zones effectively.
  • Our 2 weeks free training will also come with our Sports Pilates program so you learn key moves to keep you healthy.

Get information on lactate test

If you would like to get a lactate test done or like more information. Fill in this form here and we will locate someone in your area.



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