About Everard Pilates

Meet Our Founder Dr. Eoin Everard

Eoin Everard is a sub 4 minute miler, Sub 14 minute 5K and sub 30 minute 10K Runner. He is the current European O35 3000m champion and has represented Ireland from 800m to 10K. He is a chartered physiotherapist and Pilates instructor with a PhD in Human Movement. He used his background in physio, Pilates and his own struggles with injury to develop the Sports Pilates programme. He is the inventor of the BackAware Belt (www.backawarebelt.com).

He has featured in several international publications and conferences. A list of the podcasts that feature Eoin can be found here.

Dr. Eoin’s background
  • I began doing movement assessments and have completed over 2000 movement assessments with elite athletes, back pain patients, army recruits and much more!