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This book is a collection of articles, newsletters and presentations that I have provided for the Kilkenny People, Limerick Leader, Athletics Ireland and many, many more.


There are only really two things that will help you get to the line of any race in the best shape possible:

  1. Knowing the correct training you need to do.
  2. Discovering ways to keep your body healthy as you train so you do not break down as you get close to the events.”

Dr. Eoin Everard

That’s it! This book helps with just that.

It is divided into four main sections:

1. Lifestyle:
  1. We have a health and fitness evaluation for you to take to see where you are strong and where you are weak.
  2. How to sleep better
  3. Healthy habits
  4. 10 laws of health and fitness to follow
2. Training:
  1. Types of training; Tempo, intervals, fartlek, hills
  2. Specific training for 5k, 10k, Half marathon, marathon
  3. How to taper effectively
  4. How to recover
3. Supplementary Training
  1. Strides
  2. Gym
  3. Pilates
  4. Nutritional Supplements for performance
  5. Nutritional Supplements for performance
4. Injury and Health
  1. Mistakes to avoid
  2. What to do when injured
  3. Keys to avoiding injury
  4. Specific articles to help back pain or niggles that you may get.

The Bonus Audiobook

“I love Audiobooks! I find it great to listen to something as I do my run. After a good few hours of trial and error on recording! I have made the Audiobook version of my book available to you. It is over 3 and a half hours not including the bonus Newsletter section. The great thing about the book is that you can dip in and out of it when you like.”

Dr. Eoin Everard