Key Tips for Better and More Effective Home Workouts.

Publish on - May 12, 2022

How to do Exercise Correctly at Home to Get Results.

When you set your alarm early and creep downstairs before everybody else is up or you give up your hour lunch break to get a workout in at home you want to make sure it is worth it. Sadly, often I see people either hurt themselves working out at home or not get the results they should. In this article we will discuss key reasons you might not be seeing the results you should.

1. Pick the right exercises.
It is important to get bang for your buck when working out at home. Doing compound movements, which are exercises that use a lot of body parts and muscles, such as squats, lunges, push ups and single leg deadlifts will give you a lot better returns compared to isolated exercises such as bicep and tricep curls. Make sure you have a mix of hip and knee dominant exercises and push and pull exercises to keep a very balanced programme.

2. Have a mixture of types of exercises you do.
It can be very easy just to fall into a routine at home. Be it always being on the treadmill, always doing weights, HIIT or Pilates type classes. The key to getting great results is to have a mix of all of these types of exercise. If training five times per week perhaps do 3 days cardio (Treadmill and HIIT) and two days of muscular work (Weights and Pilates). The BackAware Belt comes with key Running sessions, Pilates, Gym and HIIT classes to follow along with so you always can vary up
your training.

3. Do the exercises correctly.
Whatever exercises you choose it is important to do them correctly. Doing exercises with good form is not only important as it keeps your back and joints safe but helps you get the results you are looking for. Muscles will not activate fully when joints are in a poor position. Doing a plank incorrectly for example will cause the back muscles to be overworked and will not work the targeted core muscles. Doing squats and deadlifts poorly again could overload the back rather than really work the legs, glutes and core.

The BackAware Belt is designed to give you feedback on your back position so that you know you are doing exercises correctly. You can see your back position on the App and the belt vibrates also when you go into a bad position if you don’t want to constantly carry your phone.

4. Set up a workout space.
Some of our clients have given great tips to other clients about working out from home. One of the key messages is to set up a space so you know exactly where to workout. Having your mat laid out the night before will make it much easier to start the next morning. Try have a private spot as much as possible to avoid distractions.

5. If distractions can’t be minimised then embrace the distractions!
If there are children in the house who won’t let you exercise in peace then a strategy maybe to include them. A lot of my clients send pictures of them and their children doing Sports Pilates together. No matter what the age they would get some benefit and it allows you to get your workout in.

6. Set a time to train
A problem with working from home is that we have more flexibility. It can be easy to delay your training until the evening but then you maybe too tired. If motivation is an issue I would recommend trying to exercise early in the morning to get it out of the way.

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